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#367937 - He feels no emotions, no love or attachments! He told me the first night when we talked, that he was an actor and the first thing he had to learn was to detach himself from his feelings in order to be able to act. YOU STUPID BITCH!!! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!! IF MY BOSSES SEE ANY OF THOSE DVDS, …AND THEY WILL; …MY JOB IS GONE!!! THEY’LL HAVE GROUNDS TO TERMINATE ME AND THEY WILL!!! YOU STUPID BITCH!!! YOUR WEEK OF SCREWING AROUND HAS DESTROYED OUR LIFES!! ……FIRST WE’LL BOTH LOSE OUR JOBS, …. I opened the front door and stood there.

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Oriana thomson
Gorgeous and great legs too plus she fucks them back yum
Vanilla h
I would have had her dripping in less then a minute i love being bi
Shizuku kitayama
Amazing i enjoyed that