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#150452 - By the time he actually went to sleep my husband had fucked me 4 times, watching me with the guys was like giving him Viagra. After a good night’s sleep l woke to find my bottom sheet had a dark damp spunk patch and my inner thighs and pussy hairs were covered in dry crusty spunk to remind me of the fantastic night l had out with my husband, l can’t wait for our next night out. I was put back on my knees to suck a guy who shot his load into my mouth, l was ordered to swallow the lot by my husband Dave, l think the whole thing was to much for the last guy as he stood beside me and creamed my face, when l went to wipe it Dave told me to let it trickle down onto my tits.

Read Gritona 蒼色之空 - Jigoku shoujo Orgia 蒼色之空

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Hoshimachi suisei
Pixaero lens
Look at her nose looks like she sniffed some booger sugar before getting banged
Shunsuke imaizumi
How can you not love that cheeky smile