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#69846 - John woke at 5 his usual time to get up, no matter what. “There is plenty of room so you do not even have to touch, besides look at you in that outfit you’re not going to stir up much interest” She was wearing a baggy pair of cut off sweat pants (cut very high) and a cut off tea shirt that came to just below her breasts. “Besides it would cost more if I went away” Marie did not want to argue in front of John “we will talk about it later” “John how is the chest , you were at your cabin did you change the bandage?” “No but I am sure Elizabeth will do it when she get off tonight” “oh no she is working double shift for the next couple of days so you better let me change it for you.

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Nene romanova
Till this day i still can t find the original vid on the 4 second mark
Who is this hottie