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#219251 - ” Jack said thanking Shadow for the gift who then quickly turned fuzzy and then disappear all together, jack realising it was a hologram just shrugged his shoulders and walk out of the training room and walked back to the cabin that he now shared with Lucie. Fearing for her life more so now than before she thought she would just tell him her name, “My name is Lucie, and if I can what’s your’s?” she asked timidly hoping she did not cross the line. “Will Lucie nice to meet you, and my name is Jack thanks for asking.

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Alexander yamato
Literally a dream ugh
Let me be your landlord indi lol
Mirai akari
That was so fucking amazing thanks for sharing i hope to see more
Yayoi fujisawa
Total dream girl
Horikawa kunihiro
I love hearing you laugh as you torture him 3