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#304638 - It is a an incredible feeling, she has never been so undressed like this before her slave training, and now in front of so many lecherous men! The thought for her to be this way in front of so many men is so incredibly sexually stimulating she is beside herself! Being undressed like this and to show off her goodies will help the bidders increase their bid for these slave women . A choice is made to leave her totally naked and to wear only a blindfold and veil something that “M” really likes as it leaves Maya totally helpless with nothing, wondering what will happen! Another thing that the Mistress loves in her slaves is total submission, and that they have to rely on someone else to see to their every helpless need! These black women in the slave training complex assist, and are assigned to groom, take care of hair make up and make these slave women as attractive as possible so they will bring the most money during the frenzy bidding that will oc

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Megumu iizunamaru
More like little black cock lol
Excelente follada espero que suban mas hentais de estos chicos
Akito himenokouji
Dang did you really miss the opportunity for double penetration