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#68733 - After he had tidied up he then thought it might be an idea to start to write down his sexual fantasies and started to leave them around the house he shared with his girlfriend in books, in hope that she would stumble across them and start to get turned on by them and re-enact his fantasies out with her. The rush of the pleasure was so intense he forgot all about the porn and started to wank himself off whilst clenching his arse around the cock’s inside of him. After the ecstasy wore off he knew he had to tidy up before his girlfriend knew what he had done, but he was well please with his efforts and thought it would be best to have a shower first.

Read Chaturbate (C63) [THE FLYERS (Naruse Mamoru)] -Extra- (With You ~Mitsumete Itai~) - With you Masseur (C63) [THE FLYERS (Naruse Mamoru)] -Extra- (With You ~Mitsumete Itai~)

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Shinpachi shimura
Good girl
Momo kawashima
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