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#28428 - “What?” The buxom blonde exclaimed as she stared the three men down, quickly turning her attention to Tony, “I would have thought she’d be right up your alley – she is built like a twelve year old boy after all! That is about the right age isn’t it?” “Wha…what?” The short dark-haired man replied in wide-eyed shock, licking his lips nervously as he looked around, “I…I ahh…um, I don’t know what you’re talking about. She looked good and the sales clerk agreed; but now as she stood waiting for her cab she was having second thoughts. ” Mike sighed as he walked forward and knelt next to the unconscious woman, “Its not like we can let her live anyway, she knows who we are!” The two other men stared at him a moment before David shrugged, “Well fuck it, we knew that might happen going in…” “I…I can’t do this…” Tony stammered as he began backing away, stopped only by Mike’s strong grip on his arm.

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