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#71826 - Most of them were criminals who had lost their human rights, and were instead used as property, those some were actually volunteers, in these games, these prizes were used as incentive to play the game, if you got the highest score, you owned them, and could even choose to have them executed using the very game they were a part of, these deaths were rather rare, as the scores needed were extremely high, and often rigged against the player, but countless people attempted to win regardless. He looked over to watch the girl in the tank, her eyes were on him, wide with terror as the gravity of what had just happened dawned on her. He left the bikini behind, and found a table, throwing the body down onto it, he positioned it so her pussy was easily accessible, and began to unbuckle his belt, pulling his pants down,along with his boxers, he took out his large, ten inch cock, and positioned himself for entry.

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