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#387943 - As they pulled away for a second, Steffi boldly asked, Are you a dyke or something!?! Miss Peters nodded and replied, Yes, I am, I live with a very feminine woman about your size and build, I'm the boss and she does what ever I tell her too! Such as, questioned Steffi?!? Miss Peters looked the teenager in the eye and responded, On your knees, and eat it, and I mean right now!!! With her legs spread wide apart, Miss Peters guided Steffi's mouth into her steaming pussy and she went on, This is what I tell her to do, and I have her do it a lot!!! Steffi was now in a sexual frenzy!!! The aroma of Miss Peters' vagina was incredible, and she had never smelled or tasted anything so wonderful in her whole life!!! Eat me you little bitch, spat Miss Peters as she hurtled towards her climax, finger your pussy, you little cunt, I want you to cum with me, bitch, do you understand me?!? Steffi had already slipped her fingers into her buttery snatch, and her middle finger

Read College Dye 2 Part 3 中文翻译,DeCrypte个人汉化 - Original Chick Dye 2 Part 3 中文翻译,DeCrypte个人汉化

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