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#389173 - I told him that he could pee on me but i didnt want to drink it, He was ok with that and still involved it in out fun, he aimed it the shower wall and emptied his bladder, my mouth was quickly forced over his cock and although he had stopped peeing i still tasted his salty cock, he shot small birst of piss into my mouth, i let all if it seep out as i was sucking, this lasted for a few burst but i was caught, MOUTH OPEN he ordered, my mouth was wide open like i was waiting for a load of cum, he shot more urine into my mouth and i obeyed and swallowed before opening my mouth to show him that it was all gone, he finished off the rest of it while i sucked him off, receiving small amounts which i ended up swallowing. I swallowed instantly and gagged tyring to get it down, he head my gag and said good boy, i cleaned his cock clean from every lsst drop. I ran my tongue up and down the back of his cock and tried to suck his balls which to my amazement was harder than i thought as they were

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