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#24379 - At the same time, those same orgasmic spasms caused a vibration from deep within Virgil, making waves of pleasure that went like almost an electric conduit from the tip of John’s manhood, all the way to the base- forcing him in delight to own up to and scream out his own climax, calling out his brother’s name to the heavens as he unloaded his heated seed deep into his lover’s very vitals. John remembered being nicely settled at his table, thoroughly enjoying his chicken marsala, while the two gentlemen who sat next to him, who by their uniforms, he could tell were German Naval officers, were not only enjoying their own meals, but also were indulging themselves with some wine, getting a bit tipsy in the process; thus, they began to switch from English to German in their conversation. Only his determination, caution and professionalism helped to keep the images at bay in the daytime.

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