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#124241 - I could take it no longer and thought to myself , I’m not gay ,but today I’m gonna be, ahead he stopped and said “ I think my ass and legs are gonna need some lotion or I will fry like a lobster “ I told him to turn around I would be more than happy to apply some, I got on my knees and started rubbing lotion to his legs and thighs carefully moving up to his beautiful ass, I started applying all around and caressing his butt cheeks, my mostly hairless rock hard cock just hard as a brick pointing straight into the heavens, when I could take it no longer, I stopped and spread apart his beautifully round cheeks and planted a kiss right on his perfect asshole, Tommy moaned in sweet anticipation. Tommy kept looking back seeing me watch him with bold desire on my face, he could tell he was teasing the hell out of me, so he played it like a pro, at one point he stopped on the trail about 25 yards in front of me and bent over to pick something up, I froze and watched him, he slowly bent over

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Miura hayasaka
Shes amazing
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No shame lads no shame