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#128779 - After ‘Master’ left me chained there, in what you would have to call and I now realized was a dungeon, I started to panic. Then ‘Master’ spoke to me, “Well, bitch, what do you have to say for yourself? Did you miss me? Do you have a taste for some more black cock?” “Master…” “You don’t have to call him Master, kid. “But,” he continued, “what do you have in mind with LaMar?” So I told him: I wanted LaMar restrained on the bed, naked from the waist down, and I wanted him there for as long as he had kept me in the dungeon – at least a day, he could eat and piss if he needed to – I would be happy to hold his cock for him while he peed, and would clean-up any spills, but he had to stay restrained for a full day as I had been.

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