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#147563 - “You make me nervous Jim, but excited at the same time so all right it is a deal I will be your slave girl! When I got home from work on Monday night, I went into the home office, got on line to a reputable adult shop in search of some suitable toys for the weekend, picked out some interesting gadgets that I thought Jan would be able to handle and that would assist me in broadening her sexual outlook, then spent the next few days worrying that they might not turn up in time for the coming weekend. “Don’t worry Jan, you look absolutely fabulous, Jim is a lucky guy to have a woman whom looks a beautiful as you and I am a lucky guy to have had the privilege of seeing you in your birthday suit, I have wanted to do that from the first time we met! You know, Jim, the lucky bugger saw my wife butt naked weeks ago”. During the preceding weeks we continued to talk to Sally and Peter on Skype, and one evening I had been talking to Peter when he had to duck off to the kitchen but was intend

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