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#41202 - One Saturday morning I dropped round to pick up Pat and we sat by the warmth of the fire for a while until things started getting hot and heavy, Pats sister and brother in law were out so we had the place to ourselves and it wasn’t long before her skirt was up round her waist, her knickers were tangled round her right foot and my bare bum was bobbing up and down slowly as I soaked my rock hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy. I dropped the others off and headed home to mull it over in my head justifying our affair to myself with the thought that I was stopping her from straying so much and lessening the chance of her meeting someone else before Bazz got out. We were both extremely horny as I pushed all the way in to the very depths of her tight wetness and a few fast deep strokes later started to shoot my cum deep inside her.

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Choromatsu matsuno
Same man day after day it s the same thing i lost the love of my life and after that i drowned my self in porn thinking it would make me feel better but in the end it only made me worse but i just can t seem to stop