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#51921 - I grab her hips and push upwards, releasing my pent up cum inside of her, I close my eyes in pleasure, groaning out her name as I empty myself inside her. We talk about things that we like and dislike on our way back to the camping grounds, the sun is just starting to set when we walk into the camping grounds. Just before we reach the bottom I hear her saying my name, as I turn to look up at her, the camera’s shutter click again “Hey stop that” She chuckles with obvious delight “I can always take pictures of your cute butt” I wave a hand at her and turn back to climb down the trail, at the bottom I wait for her and start down the trail, she follows reluctantly “But you said we are not going back the same way” “Patience my dear, patience” A few yards down the trial I turn from the trial and head on a trial horizontal with the hill, I can hear her camera’s shutter clicking away.

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