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#386748 - I pulled away not taking anything from it just putting it down to her overexitment about her new house up hear in the mountains or I had hit the tickley spot just under her ribs as I put my arms around her. I snapped out of my little day dream when Claire whispered like what you see in my ear in a very sexy tone I jumped and started to say sorry when she cut me of whispering hot aint they don't worry I've had those thoughts too This was very surprising as I had only known this woman a few months and she was always so reserved to reveal something like that she must feel relaxed around me which only got me hornier than I already was she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned too her girls saying give Amy a hand with the bags matt's going to show me around. I then pulled her away towards the kitchen area that I had stocked with all the latest cooking gadgets as I know how much Amy loves cooking as she scanned and noticed all the gadgets her eyes star

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