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#391198 - ---------------------------------- fucinhigh08: what we playing? yankees2girl: bro/sis yankees2girl: we haven’t done that in a while fucinhigh08: hot yankees2girl: you can think of the scene lol fucinhigh08: lol ok fucinhigh08: so a scene yankees2girl: yep fucinhigh08: you want to come hang out at a party with the older teens fucinhigh08: i say no i don’t want my lil sis tagging along yankees2girl: you better dominate the fuck out of your lil sis fucinhigh08: you fucking better believe it bitch fucinhigh08: your getting fucked up yankees2girl: ok parents out? fucinhigh08: yeah both at work fucinhigh08: i’m getting ready to go out and you come in my room dressed to go party yankees2girl: what time of the day is it fucinhigh08: im in jeans and boxers no shirt just out the shower fucinhigh08: later around 6 or 7 yankees2girl: ok yankees2girl: i come in with a skirt and a tank top my hair and makeup all done up hey bro what’s up fucin

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Who s the chick at 3mins with green eyes