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#121184 - Alex my sister she was very playful she pushed me into the pool and ran away, but what she did was actually thrown me into heaven, when i was underwater i saw only naked boobs and pussy around me and in that excitement i forgot that i was underwater and took a breath i got choked and started to move fast everyone saw me and someone took me in their arms and put me on the bench, as i was in her arms i saw two gaint boobs in my face and when she was putting me down one of ger nipple rubbed on my mouth. So, if find anything wired its ok don't say anything to anyone whatever you see today don't say anything to anyone, promise me and we said we promise, i actually didn't understand why she was saying that then after an our hour or so most of them were naked lying on the bench and playing in the pool we were stun and i had my first Bonner as remember.

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