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#193728 - Hi before I start this story off I want to just say something This is my second story my first story wasn't that good but I tried so I am gonna try again leave good responses and I may just keep writing this story Jamie quietly walked through the streets shrugging his backpack onto his shoulder Jamie was and average 16 year old skinny and tall well unlike most 16 year olds he was about 5'9 he had hit a growth spurt not to long ago and it had just recently stopped he was quiet and shy most of the time but he would talk to friends and such most people just ignored him but enough about his day to day life lets get back to Jamie presently Jamie quietly walked shrugging his backpack back on his shoulder he let out a long sigh as he walked through the cold rain he stopped by a dark ally and looked into it he thought he had seen red eyes staring back at him he just shook his head and turned and continued to walk before pulling his hood over his head he looked around from un

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